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Star Bolt, Inc. focuses on four major areas of business. Each of these areas has different needs. Star Bolt can meet these needs through a combination of experienced salespeople, well-trained customer service representatives, and use of state of the art computer software. These four areas are:

1. MRO (MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, and OPERATIONS) - This is the area of business that keeps machines working and buildings maintained. Star Bolt has an outside sales staff with over 40 years of combined experience. Star Bolt Inc will work with you personally to maintain stock. They will check your bins, write orders, and stock your bins with out overstocking. They know the merchandise. If you have a specific application, they can help you determine what you need.

2. OEM (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURES) - These companies manufacture products. Star Bolt works with these companies the help keep production costs down. This is done by delivering high quality products at a competitive price in a time frame established by the customer. With over forty years experience, Star Bolt has access to hundreds of vendors who can supply and produce specific products for manufacturing needs.

3. CONSTRUCTION - From the smallest remodel job to the 70 million dollar arena, Star Bolt can supply the material to help you get you job completed successfully. Star Bolt offers same day job site delivery on one of our delivery trucks. If you have specific application questions, we will bring in one of our well-trained sales staff to answer your questions. We maintain stock of epoxy, masonry product, strut, all thread, and many other construction related products. 

4. RETAIL - This area would cover anything that is left. This might include automotive needs, resale, and the do it yourselfer. To often today we find ourselves wondering around aimlessly through a huge home improvement center searching for a specific item. We make this a much more comfortable situation with well-trained counter sales people. If what you are looking for is not a stock item we will gladly research this item and do our best to find it for you.